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Piazza D'Oro

Piazza D’Oro Espresso premium coffee blends are consistently exceptional, each with a distinctive espresso character. From delicate yet complex, to rich full-bodied dark roast, these carefully blended and slowly roasted coffees have been especially developed to offer regional taste nuances.

While beans are sourced from around the world, all Piazza D’Oro coffees are roasted in Kingsgrove NSW, Australia. Combining tradition and technology, great care is taken to achieve excellence in each key parameter of roasting. After roasting, Piazza D’Oro beans are immediately packed in barrier packaging with a one way valve, perfectly preserving freshness, flavour and aroma. Before sealing, the 1kg bags are flushed with inert Nitrogen gas to further protect the coffees from the ageing impact of oxygen. Roast colours for Piazza D’Oro espresso coffees range from a medium-dark roast to dark in order to maximise flavour without unpleasant bitterness or acidity. Dark roasted coffees have a rich, caramelised flavour which is well suited to milk based espresso drinks. We’ve gone to a lot of trouble to make sure we produce the perfect blends for Piazza D’Oro and believe strongly in developing essential barista skills to ensure the quality of each coffee made.

Piazza D’Oro Espresso coffee is proud to be UTZ Certified.

The Coffee – 1KG Beans

Forza – Praline and dark chocolate notes, hints of citrus acidity with background spice and leather. Syrupy mouth feeling deepening of caramel tones in milk.

Mezzo – Composed sweet cup, roasty, milk chocolate notes, medium body, smooth mouth feeling. Balanced persistence in milk.

Terroso – Richly intense aroma, low acid, hints of molasses, aromatic wood and earth. Sweetly smooth balanced finish in milk.

The Artisan – 100% Arabica bold aroma, distinctly sweet, almost raisin like, semi-sweet chocolate tones, with a rich finish.

The Colombian – Resonantly sweet aroma with notes of coffee berry and caramel, light acidity combined with full body and flavour hints of honey like sweetness and cocoa bitters.

Sustainable Original Blend – A 100% UTZ Certified blend of high quality Central and South American Arabica beans with a touch of fine African Robusta.

Decaffeinated – Made from 100% decaffeinated Arabica beans selected from South America. A superb coffee that retains excellent body and offers a smooth and aromatic flavour.

Espresso di Manfredi

Espresso di Manfredi is the collaboration between D.E Master Blenders and Stefano Manfredi. Since the launch of the first blend in 2000, Espresso di Manfredi has been much inspired by the generous, casual authenticity of modern café culture.

The distinctive blends are a meeting of minds between the celebrated chef Stefano Manfredi and master blender Wayne Archer. “Working with Wayne Archer, D.E Master Blenders master roaster, has been a rewarding experience for me. Developing Espresso di Manfredi has been akin to creating a great wine. An enormous amount of time and effort has been invested to get the middle palate right. Espresso di Manfredi by D.E Master Blenders is a complete coffee – it satisfies on all counts” said Stefano (chef, writer and celebrated food authority).

The Coffee – 1KG Beans

Audacia – The deepest roast of our three blends, Audacia is a strong yet refined coffee. A blend containing Sumatran, East African, South American and Asian Arabicas, with sweet pungent aromas of wood spices, molasses, raisins and dark chocolate. Full-bodied with a bright, assertive – even audacious – finish.

Classico – A medium-roast blend of high quality Arabicas from South America, and fine Robustas from Asia. Classico is a nod to the classic Italian espresso blend, with Arabicas providing balanced fruit and chocolate sweetness and Robustas adding body, strength and complexity. A nuanced coffee with elegant acidity and a long, lingering finish.

Chiaro – An elegant, lightly roasted blend with distinctive fruit highlights. Combining high-grown washed Arabicas from Papua New Guinea, South America, East Africa and Asia, Chiaro is a swwetly floral coffee displaying assertive acidity and hints of light chocolate. Complex with a clean, long finish.

The Packaging

The packaging for Espresso di Manfredi by D.E Master Blenders reflects its Italian heritage. The imagery of two men “shooting the breeze” is inherent in coffee culture worldwide. As the ultimate gesture of Australian/Italian authenticity, the photo that features on the slick silver packaging is Stefano’s father and a family friend. The picture was taken in the Argyle Cut in Sydney’s historic Rocks area.

Espresso Takeaway Cups

The brand image of the Espresso di Manfredi coffee bag is printed onto the takeaway cups. The cups are manufactured from BioPack Polyethylene (PE) which is most widely used and is very resistant to food and water and the lids are manufactured from BioPack Polystyrene (PS) which is a plastic made from fossil resources.


Soil. Air. Water. Grow. Pick. Pack. Cup. Enjoy.

ORG is an organic rich and toasty blend that displays a caramel sweet aroma, powerful dark chocolate notes and hints of cabernet fruit with a light syrupy finish.

ORG is an UTZ Certified and Australian Certified Organic Coffee.

The King's Grove Range

A delicate blend of Coffee Beans from exotic South America and South Asia.

Utz certified for better coffee farming and a sustainable future The King’s Grove is sweet with warm, roasted undertones and a smooth milk chocolate finish.

More Details

Two Seasons

Seasonal Coffee embraces the true nature of the coffee berries and is not just fresh from the roaster, but fresh from the tree.

Two Seasons has daily contact with coffee traders around the world to discover the best crop of coffee in season.

Two Seasons brings 2-3 unique single origin coffee harvests a year from remote corners of the world… giving your business a unique and refreshed story of where your coffee comes from every 6 months and a powerful reason to keep your customers engaged in buying your coffee.