Portion Control – 1.7g sticks

A hygienic and convenient way of providing instant coffee, available in Moccona Indulgence, Moccona Classic Medium Roast, Moccona Classic Decaffeinated and Moccona Smooth Granulated

Bulk: 500g cans

Available in Moccona Classic Medium Roast and Moccona Smooth Granulated

Moccona Indulgence – sticks

A blend of choice speciality 100% Arabica beans have been carefully selected to give Moccona Indulgence a full-bodied and velvety flavour. Indulgence is a dark roasted coffee for the most indulgent coffee experience.

Moccona Classic Medium Roast – sticks & cans

Experience the smooth taste of Moccona Classic Medium Roast. Its full-bodied flavour and rich aroma make it the perfect coffee to enjoy everyday.

Moccona Classic Decaffeinated – sticks

Moccona Classic Decaffeinated captures the full-bodied flavour and rich aroma of Moccona Classic without the caffeine.*
* This Moccona Decaffeinated product contais between 0-0.3% Caffeine.

Moccona Smooth Granulated – sticks & cans

A mild & rounded coffee. Lightly roasted to create a subtle flavour for a wonderful, easy coffee experience.

Douwe Egberts Granulated Coffee – Sachets 1.5g

Individually wrapped single serves of granulated instant coffee.

Douwe Egberts Granulated Decaffeinated Coffee – Sachets 1.5g

Individually wrapped single serves of decaffeinated instant coffee.