We stock a range of Tea Tonic, Pickwick and Tea Forte tea, with a variety of blends and options.

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Australia’s Healthiest Tea

Tea Tonic's Herbal Teas have been professionally formulated by Naturopath and Herbalist Lisa Hilbert, that focuses on health and well being in its tea range. As always quality is of the utmost importance and only freshly milled herbs are used, harvested by hand with a sickle and shade dried, allowing butterflies and insects to fly away, preserving biodiversity.

Tea Tonic is dedicated to providing exceptional quality using only the highest grade ingredients including freshly picked herbs and fruits in unbleached tea bags and loose leaf tea to ensure maximum potency and goodness is delivered in every cup of Herbal Tea.

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Pickwick Tea

Loose Leaf Tea – Available in 6 premium blends: English Breakfast, French Earl Grey, China Gunpowder, Apple & Summer Berries, Lemongrass & Ginger and Three Mint.

Envelope Tea – 7 blends of individually wrapped envelope tea bags: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green Tea & Lemon, Green Tea & Jasmine, Rooibos & Vanilla, Peppermint and Chamomile.

Chai – Pickwick Chai Latte, an exotic Indian drink that has a unique blend of black tea and spice flavours. Pickwick has taken the exotic flavours of India to create an enhancing chai latte experience. Pickwick Chai Latte combined fragrant black tea, and exotic spice, flavours of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and vanilla to create a soothing, aromatic drink that will tickle your senses.

Master Selection

Pickwick’s heritage dates back hundreds of years. Our dedicated passion and expertise for tea started as early as 1753.

Staying true to the traditions of our craft, our Tea Masters have personally sourced rich leaves and authentic herbs, spices and fruit to bring you the Tea Master Selection.

This signature range offers well known, delicious tea blends with a unique gentle twist developed by our tea masters. 100% natural.

25 in a box, carton of 3.


English Breakfast – A beautiful selection of rich black tea blended to perfection for a surprisingly robust taste. UTZ Certified.

Earl Grey – A delicate black tea blend subtly blended with a hint of bergamot and zesty lemons for a fresh smooth taste. UTZ Certified.

Forest Fruit – A captivating black tea blend with a warming palette of forest fruits for a delightful fruity taste. UTZ Certified.


Green Tea Pure – A beautiful selection of fresh green tea leaves blended to bring out the simple and refined notes of green tea.


Mint – A lovely blend of natural mint and spearmint leaves delicately combined for a subtly fresh, mild taste.